Selena The Series Mural at Wynwood

Selena The Series Mural at Wynwood. Grafitti is a really incredible art, I mean how could you possibly draw on massive walls with spray cans only for the piece to either fade away with time or be painted over. I was driving around Wynwood in Miami a few months back when I saw this artist paying for this mural. He saw me I was about to take a photo and asked me if I wanted to photograph his car in front of it. I said: well yes that would be fucking epic! He got in his car and centered just where I told him to. Boom. I got the shot.

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Selena The Series Mural at Wynwood
Selena The Series Mural at Wynwood

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Photo shoot with Moe Marks

I did a super fun shoot with my Friend Moe. It was so much fun, we went to the beach, rode my motorcycle and not only that but we made a Vlog!!!

I love getting together with creative people, it is so much fun to just rant about random stuff running through your head. Its crazy to think that there are people just as crazy as you out there! Check out some of the pics we shot and all the behind the scenes action in the video below!

Moe Fo 147 of 466

Moe Fo 465 of 466
Photo cred Moe Herself

Moe Fo 158 of 466

Photoshoot With Zulisa

Every time I get the chance to work with a beautiful model I take it. Meet Zulisa, she was awesome to work with. I took her to Wynwood to pull this off. It is always great when you work with someone that is naturally talented like Zulisa. As far as lighting this was quite simple, a hand held sped light and the lens I used was a 70-200mm. Overall one of my favorite shoots of all time. Thank you Zulisa for being amazing!!! Isn’t she beautiful?

Gran Turismo Injected

I have been into Volkswagen aka VW every since I can remember. I have owned quite a few of them. My first one was a black Golf, we used to call it the party movil back in the day. My friends and I would crash parties in it. After that I switched to GTI’s. I’ve had just about every color and I have modified them all. This one is my latest one, I have APR stage 2 on it and did all the work my self. (I love working on my cars) I shot this photo at the Wynwood Arts District here in Miami Florida.

The term GTI stand for Grand Turismo Injected.



How to edit car photos

How to edit car photos:
Good morning peeps and happy Tuesday, here is a tutorial where I run you through how I edit my car photos to make them nice and shiny, its super ez and lots of fun. This is a photo of my VW, I have an obsession with the infamous VW GTI and really any VW for that matter. Anyhow check out the video and try it out on some of your photos, its super ez and lots of fun. Spread the love peeps…

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GTI After

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Make sure you watch it in HD.

Wynwood Miami

Wynwood Miami

How was your Christmas? Mine was awesome, hung out with my family and kept it really mellow, I like it that way. I can’t wait till New Years is over so everything can get back normal, seems like everyone goes crazy this time of year.

Here is a vid I put together, this is Wynwood the art district here in Miami Florida. This is a great reminder how important the art community is. People love to be creative and express themselves and share it with the world whether that is in making clothes, jewelry, a custom bike, a painting, a photograph, music or whatever. I feel that it is extremely important to support your local art scene. Anyways enjoy and spread the love peeps…

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Here is a photo of one of many Dj’s that play it this bad ass place…
Wynwood Miami