One thing that I have learned about my workshops is how much I love to share what I have learned over the years with other people. I’m a big fan of workshops and have taken them with all kinds of phtographers. I believe this is the best way to learn, not only do you meet amzing people with your same interests but, you also get to pick their brain and learn a lot from them in a short amout of time.

Its not until I stared teaching that I realized teaching is just as much about learning than it is about teaching. When I am involved with this small gorups of photogrpahers we are able to share ideas and knoledge and it goes both ways. I am very greatful to be lucky enough to get this oportunity. What is also amazing is that I often get to see the same faces in the different workshops that I do.

Its alwyas great when people leave with a grin on their face. This moments are so special to me as a landscape photogrpaer and sharing it with others is something even more incredible. Thank you to everyone that comes out to my workshops and supports me throughout. Here is a photo from this weekends Sunrise Workshop. It has become very popular and very meaningful to me. Even if I’m not teaching you can find me here year round catching an amzing sunrise by my self.

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