Must see places in Miami Beach.

Here is a list I have put together the most photogenic places in Miami Beach. This are the must see places when visiting. This are my personal favorite and when I am home, you can often find me at this spots catching a nice sunset or snapping some pics. This list is for photographers and tourists alike.

Number one. This is probably the most popular, The Colony Hotel on Ocean Dr. between 7th and 8th Street. This place is always packed and you can find photographers and tourists lined up to get a shot of the Colony Hotel. Lots of movies have been filmed here and continue to be filmed here. Large crowds of people gather around this place like a pile of ants do when they find a little snack.


Number 2. The beach. I know I know its obvious right? Well not for a lot of people, if your here you have to go to the beach and catch a sunrise, they come in all shapes colors and sizes, sure to please the soul.


Number 3. Española Way, this is street you would find in Europe, though is a short walk you are sure to enjoy it this is best experienced at night.


Number 4. South Pointe Park. This is my favorite spot in all of Miami Beach. What is cool about this park is that it wraps around the most Southern tip of the Island, from the beach (starting at the Jetty lifeguard tower) to the West, where you can catch a sunset you only see in magazines over the Miami Skyline. This is best experienced on a bicycle, walking or with a loved one. (see next photo below of an aerial view)

Here is an aerial view of South Pointe Park. This is great any time of the day or night.


Number 5. Maurice Gibb Memorial Park, here you can catch a sunset, go paddle boarding, have a picnic or simply relax. Lots of people come here to do Yoga during the sunset. I often come to watch the sunset with my doggies.


Number 6. Watson Island Park, this place is located behind the Children’s Museum. Very easy to find. Here you can see an incredible view of the Miami Skyline, great for a sunset shoot or a really cool night shot. Lots of people come here to fish and hang out. You are guaranteed to run into a photographer (or many) here any day or night of the week. Lots of cloud formations often changing, you are always guaranteed an insane shot and a feel good kind of evening.


There you have it guys, my top spots to visit and photograph while you are visiting Miami Beach. There is a couple more but this are the ones you shouldn’t miss. If you have one to add to the list, please drop me a line below.