Happy Thursday. I can’t believe this week is almost done. Not sure if you have heard about the Miami Marine Stadium, well this is it. I come here often. This place serves as a great canvas for any kind of photo shoot you can imagine. It also serves as a place to come chill and meet like minded people expressing them selves in their own ways. Its crazy every time I come here I walk away with new friends, new photographs and amazing experiences. I took this photo from about 30 feet high as you ca see from the pic I was rather close to the edge (you can see in the video how high up I was). There is also access to the roof from where Im standing were you can find your local skaters tearing it up…

The 6,566 seat stadium was built in 1963 on land donated for “water sports,” and designed by architect Hilario Candela, then-a 28-year-old recent immigrant from Cuba. It was dedicated as the Ralph Munroe Marine Stadium opened, completed at a cost of around $2 million ($15.2 million, adjusted for current inflation). A speed boat racer, James Tapp, was killed on opening day. The venue, located just south of Downtown Miami, was revered for its scenic views of Downtown and Miami Beach, hosting motorboat events, and events featuring the likes of Mitch Miller, Sammy Davis, Jr., and U.S. President Richard Nixon (whose seasonal winter residence, dubbed “the Florida White House,” was on nearby Key Biscayne).
From its opening for nearly 30 years, the stadium was used for its intended “water sports” as well as concerts, sporting events such as boxing, which began in 1972. In the wake of Hurricane Andrew, it was declared an unsafe building under Miami-Dade County building code on September 18, 1992. In 2004, $3,000,000 was pledged in a municipal bonds by county residents for the restoration and renovation of the facilities.

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