I have been wanting to start a photography podcast for a very long time. That time has finally come. I started a podcast called A Sip of Reality with Edin Chavez. The Podcast cast is about arts, culture, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle.  Most of our conversations are related to art and important topics happening today.

What I try to do is teach and inspire people by having honest conversations with honest people about current affairs. My guests are people that inspire me through their work or simply the way they are, think, or feel. The podcast does not only focus on photography but also other important topics going on in our society today.

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A Sip of Reality Photography Podcast

I absolutely love podcasts, I listen to them in the shower, when I am cooking, driving, and well just about all the time. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to create some kind of talk show. You know with a guest a camera simple to inspire people and also learn and inspire my self.

I finally sat down and came up with the idea of creating a photograph podcast, but not only that, something that people can relate to on a personal level. By swapping stories and talking about things that matter, I believe I have achieved just that.

Podcasts are a new form of entertainment, and I believe they are a better way of getting information than regular media. In a way, podcasts take you into the conversation in a deep and personal way. By swapping relatable stories with relatable people, you can form your own opinion on things that actually matter.

I invite you to check out the podcast, give it a listen and if you like it please subscribe to it. On the 3 days after launching we were rated #75 on iTunes, and that is a great start. If you want to listen to it, you can subscribe and download it on iTunes or wherever you listen to your podcasts, or if you prefer, you can watch it at ASipOfReality.com