Where can I sell my photos? Do you know a good printer? How to I send the photos over to my customer?  These are questions I get often, and the answer is very simple. Smug Mug.

What is Smug Mug?

Smug Mug is a place where photographers can showcase their photos, back them up and sell them all in one place. It’s an incredible all in one website built by photographers for photographers.

I have tested and tried lots and lots of websites throughout the years, I must say from experience Smug Mug is the best option to sell your photographs. The best thing about it is that they handle everything from the customer placing an order, to the printing to the shipping all within your site. All you have to do is sit back and collect the money. It’s true.

They have beautiful templates so you can get your site off the ground in no time, the best part about it is the price. With plans starting at $3.99 per month for the basic package all the way to $12.50 for the portfolio package (that’s the one I have) this should make it very easy for you to make your decision.

Another incredible thing about Smug Mug is that you can use it to back up all your photos, that’s right as a back up for your entire catalog no matter how big it is not only that but you can back it all up for life. Guess what, if your hard drive fails, Smug Mug has your back. This is perfect since we all know hard drives fail and fail often.

I only recommend products that I trust and use. Smug Mug is one of those products. If you have been looking into it and have not made up your mind. Try it out. I actually make money from my Smug Mug store.

They have great customer service and the site is 100% customisable. If you do not want to tinker too much with customisation, just pick one of their awesome templates and you are good to go.

Click on this link or on the images and get a FREE 14-day trial. If you do not like it just cancel it. You can see what mine looks like here.


Screen Shot 2017 08 18 at 11.33.29 AM  smugmug