Feel the Beat

This are the streets of Wynwood, the art district here in Miami. I stood on this side walk and watch this man play for what it seemed like hours. It was hot out and he was covered in sweet, but he kept on playing. I enjoy street performers, its like the purest form of art to me, they stand there with no expectations and do their thing. I love it. This particular guy was playing caribbean music witch just put a smile on everyone around him… And as always, this was edited with Nik Software. In my opinion the best collection of editing tools out there. Spread the love peeps…

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Feel the Beat

Wynwood Art Walk

Board Game1

Board Game

This is an open invitation to come check out my work this Saturday October 9 at the GAB gallery at the Wynwood District of Miami.  This Collection shows my darker side. This is one of the pieces I have up. All the pieces are  55″ x 40″ framed and numbered. They start at $1,800.00 I hope to see you all there. There is some amazing work by other artists as well. For a map and more information please visit www.gabstudio.com