Street Ball

Here is one of my favorite street pictures. I was in Venice Beach California when I heard all kinds of screaming, so I ran over to the BasketBall court and started taking pics of this guys.

The passion for the game this guys had was crazy, and just when it looked like they were going to get into a fight, they would just play it off. It was a battle out there.  I specially like the contrast and tones.

venice beach basket ball players play ball

venice beach basket ball players play ball

Venice Beach California Skate Park Shot From A Kite

Venice Beach California, one of the coolest places in the world. I actually shot this photo about 4 years ago and I shot it from a kite. Yes a kite. Before drones were easily available and affordable there were kites, and believe it or not I used to do lots of kite photography.

Those days were awesome, setting up a kite and this crazy rig to go on the kite where your camera would attach to, it was scarry to say the least but lots of fun. It is fully controllable from a remote control except you can’t see the what you are shooting, its kind of a guessing game.

I have really been into this aerial photography thing for a while, its so cool seeing the world from above.

Venice Beach SkatePark-1

Venice Ball

Happy Saturday peeps… So I’m back from my crazy trip and do I have some stories. I had so much fun, put some miles on my wheels, feet and camera, met some incredible people, had some sleepless nights and was able to take some really cool photos, but the best part of it all is that I get to share it with you.

Here is one of Venice Beach, this guys are intense about their game, you can’t help but to get fully into it, sometimes you think they’re about to throw down, but I guess thats just how it goes out there. I sat there and watch them for a good half hr 45 minutes and let me tell you it was awesome…

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Venice Ball