Meteora, Greece’s Hidden Gem

Meteora, Greece’s Hidden Gem

During my trip to Greece last month, I met up with a group of friends, someone bought up Meteora and I had no idea what they were talking about. The next day someone else brought it up again and it peeked my interest. I went to my hotel and got on the internet right away and did a search for Meteora.

What I found was incredible, next thing you know I went to find my friends and I had to get there one way or another. A few days later I took a 4 hour train ride from Greece to Meteora a day later my friends showed up. From the food to the views, and everything in-between Meteora is a place your eyes must see.

As soon as you get off the train (or however you choose to get there) you feel the energy of this place, it is so peaceful and you can’t help but to smile.

After getting some food and some incredible local wine at a local restaurant I hired a driver to drive me up to the mountains to see the Monasteries. What you see in the photos on top of the fee standing rocks are Monasteries where the Monks live. You can read more about it here.

The next day my friends and a large group of people went on a beautiful hike in the mountains, starting at the bottom we worked our way up to the top of the mountains and six hours later we were inside the biggest monastery in Meteora. The Metamorphosis Monastery.

Later that day we took a bus to eat much-needed food accompanied by some incredible wine :) and then back up to the mountains to watch the sunset. The weather didn’t cooperate but it was just as amazing.

Meteora is one of those places that can only be experienced, no matter what I say or how many photos I take, it will never do it any justice. One thing I know for sure, I will keep coming back to this place for the rest of time. A very special thanks to Visit Meteora Travel for making this trip so unforgettable.