Wildlife Photography How To Take Better Wildlife Photos

Wildlife Photography. When you see those incredible wildlife photos in a magazine, you can’t help to ask yourself how do they do that? The photos look so crisp and good that you just want to pick up your camera and go out there and shoot. Even if it’s your dog out in the yard, you want to take that perfect photo.

I spent some time out at the Everglades last week. I wanted to shoot some birds along with some gators and other wildlife. It was so incredible out there, I felt I was part of the Everglades and felt right at home. Photographing birds and wildlife can be extremely soothing. Not only birds but wildlife in general. Being out in nature is a perfect way to release stress and just get lost. This is why I created this video on how to shoot wildlife photos.

Wildlife Photography Tips and Tricks You Need To Know

While I was out there I made a video to show you how I shoot wildlife. In this video, you will see what I do to get the right shot. It is not as complicated as you might think, however, there are things that you need to know like what are the best lenses to use, what is the best Aperture, and shutter speed, and what to look for while you are out there.  This is my favorite lens for wildlife photography.

In this video, I break all these things down and show you exactly how I shoot these beautiful birds. These tips and tricks can be applied to photographing any wildlife, from birds to any kind of animal out there. The Everglades National Park has incredible species of birds, its a perfect place to photograph wildlife.

How to take better wildlife photos

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All these photos are from that day. What’s your favorite one? Do you have any tips to add? Leave them in the comments below.


When I started this incredible journey I never thought it would become what it is today.

I first started coming to the Everglades 6 years ago when I first moved to South Florida, and I quickly fell in love with it.

I started photographing it, and quickly realized that this place was very challenging to photograph, but nonetheless it was incredible being out there. I wanted to share this experience with everyone I knew, so I started bringing my friends and family. They all would always smile at the incredible wildlife and sunsets.

I wanted to create an experience where I show people the Everglades from a locals eyes, and cover most of the Southern Part, (the coolest places) and at the same time teach them how to capture it through a lens. I also want to make sure to have people at the perfect spots at the right time. I have been trying to dial this in and I think my self and my team have it down pretty good.

I also wanted to create a sense of community and make everyone feel like family, were we are all friends, and it is amazing how within 20 minutes everyone feels like they are hanging out with their best friends.

The greatest thing about the workshops I do is that people come in as strangers and leave as friends. These awesome adventures bring people close together and the goodbye hug is always bittersweet… This images are form the last Everglades workshop of the season. Do not worry, I am currently working on the new schedule click on this link to register.

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The Girl in Purple, Everglades National Park

I shot this in the Everglades National Park, this was my first time here and I must say this place is incredible. Im fully addicted. This particular day I got caught in a storm but I didnt quit shooting instead I went deeper and deeper into the swamps and got some really cool photos, this particular one was at the beginning of the trail… Alligators Rock!!!

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The Girl in Purple

The Girl in Purple