Black Point Park

This is Black Point Park. It is the first time I visit this place and let me tell you, it did not disappoint. It is such a cool spot I have to start visiting it more often. It is surrounded by rocks and you gt to walk on this awesome path that is usually underwater during high tide.

Miami officially froze over

Miami has officially froze over, no joke it was so cold this morning, but I did manage to get a shot. Here is the Vlog of the day. As always it is amazing being out there taking pictures getting some fresh air.

Shooting the Equinox

I love any excuse to go shoot, and the equinox is a perfect one. I shot this at Deering Estate in Miami Florida, I have been here many times but this particular day was perfect. The weather was finally with me. There were clouds, cool people, and well it was just epic, check out the video.

Camera settings: 125 sec F18 ISO 100