How to make the sun look big in my photos

This is a question I get often. Edin how do you make the sun look so massive in your photos?” I teach this at my photography workshops and often people are shocked at the results.

To achieve this is actually quite easy, all you need is a massive zoom. Most of us do not have a massive zoom, I totally understand that but even if you have a 200mm zoom lens it will do the job.

Once you are out on the field photographing the sun, make sure you zoom in directly at the sun, while doing this make sure you have some sort of foreground, in this case I used the trees at the Everglades National Park.

In the photos below you can see the difference between a photo shot at 70mm and the same shot at 600mm

In the professional lingo this is called compression. Compressing the sun. Now go out there and experiment, you will be surprised at the results.

Camera settings: 1/125 F18 ISO100 Zoomed in at 70mm

20160221 DSC 1361

Camera settings: 1/200 F18 ISO100 Zoomed in at 600mm

Everglades 413 of 425

After Hurricane Sandy

What an amazing weekend, after hurricane Sandy passing throughout here she left us with some flooded streets but with some amazing weather and some great waves that brought out every surfer in South Florida. I started by shooting the Sunrise on Saturday morning and pretty much stayed on the beach all weekend. I only went home to shower, eat, and vote. Here is a photo of this pretty lady having fun in the sun. I love South Beach :) You can see more photos on my Facebook. Check out this interview I did with The Travel Hunch … Have a great monday peeps…

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Shot of the day-You will always find the way

Whats good people? I just returned from the West Coast, Nevada and Lake Tahoe to be exact. I took this photo the day after I arrived. It was kind of a crazy day because the sun was hiding and I didn’t think I was going to see it. It was a bit cold out and I was hoping it would come out. Well my patience paid off because the clouds kept traveling south and the sun finally shined. Thought I love the beach I must say I do miss the mountains and the beautiful sunsets.

I will be posting daily photos of my trip so check back soon and spread the love peeps….

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You will always find the way

You will always find the way

Shot of the day-Reno Courthouse

Happy Friday peeps, here is a photograph I took from my last trip to Reno Nevada. I am actually standing on a rock that was in the middle of the Truckee River. Next to the church there is the Reno Court House.

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Reno Courthouse

Reno Courthouse