How to compose a street photo

In this video I will walk you through how I compose and edit a street photograph. I shot this in Cuba on my last trip there. It is not just sitting there pointing and shooting, its actually thinking about the story you are trying to tell and waiting for the right moment to make it happen.

I also get a bit into the editing a and show you how I like to edit these sort of photos. With the touch of a few simple sliders you can change the image dramatically with out over doing it. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Cuba 89 of 267 2
Cuba 89 of 267

Street photo shoot

Taking photos is the funnest thing ever. It gives me the excuse to go out and do something fun. I shot this girls a couple days ago and let me tell you we had a blast. What started off as an idea ended up begin the funnest part of the day. I did manage to break my camera but it is on its way to get fixed. The murals you see are from Amanda Valdez and Diana Contreras, I’m not sure about the other ones.

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Baby Julious Wynwood (12 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (32 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (58 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (101 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (113 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (190 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (164 of 192)

Baby Julious Wynwood (160 of 192)

Photo edit:

Fish Market Athens Greece

The fish market in Athens Greece is amazing. I was on my way to Acropolis when I stumbled upon this awesome fish market. I could smell the freshness as soon as I walked in. You would think that it would stink in there, but it’s quite the opposite it smelled really good, like fish but fresh fish.

The people were extremely friendly and they always wanted to pose for photos, as soon as they saw the camera they would pick up a fish and strike up a pose with a big fat smile. It’s always great meeting happy people, it always rubs off.

If you find your self in Athens Greece, make a stop at the market and buy your self a piece of fresh fish, make some amazing dinner and check out the incredible sunset.

Fish Market-6

Fish Market-2

Fish Market-4

Fish Market-5

Fish Market-7

Fish Market-8

Fish Market-9

Fish Market-10

Fish Market-12

Fish Market-15

Fish Market-17

Fish Market-1

Fish Market-3

Black and White Photography tips

Black and White Photography tips:

Here are some tips on how to make a beautiful Black and White photograph. I live by this when shooting Black and White.

1. When shooting B&W photography it’s important that you learn to see in black and white. Remember you don’t have color to draw the eye when shooting B&W photography, so you have to find shapes and tones to compose your photo. Study the colors and study the your environment picture all the gray tones and picture everything in B&W. I will keep it short and sweet. If you have any others please share on the comments below.

Arquitectural Photography

2. Always shoot in color, it is important that you always shoot in color. Most cameras out there have a B&W setting DO NOT USE IT. If you shoot everything in color you will have more control of the gray scale in post production once you convert it.

The Man In White

The Man In White

3. Always use the lowest ISO setting possible. This will get rid of the noise in the photograph and you will end up with a great clear photograph. If you are looking for noise do it in post production. I like to add noise to (some) B&W but I always do it in post production that way I still have a very high resolution high quality photo.


4. Always shoot RAW, most DSLRS shoot in RAW (and any camera now a days), again this gives you more control of the image in post production thus making a better B&W photograph. If you don’t have this setting on your camera, don’t worry, you can still make an amazing B&W photograph shooting JPEG.

Venice Beach Ball

5. Contrast is very important when shooting B&W photography, it sets the mood it, it defines your lines, it brings out shapes and shadows you would never be able to see in color photography. Play around with it and make it work for you.


Did I miss any? Please leave them in the comments below.

Le Garage New Orleans edinchavezphotography

Always remember that practice makes perfect, and always have fun out there.

30 days of street photography day 7

30 days of street photography day 7

Here is one I shot in San Francisco California. I was on this massive google photowalk but it was so crazy that my friend and I decided to do our own thing, too much madness. Good thing we did, we had a blast and I got lots of good stuff.

Check out this bad ass trailer I found las night, Ill be ordering the movie today and watching it, looks amazing.

This guy was working as a statue and making good cash, I wached him for a wile and lots of people were giving him cash. Good for him….

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