Selena The Series Mural at Wynwood

Selena The Series Mural at Wynwood. Grafitti is a really incredible art, I mean how could you possibly draw on massive walls with spray cans only for the piece to either fade away with time or be painted over. I was driving around Wynwood in Miami a few months back when I saw this artist paying for this mural. He saw me I was about to take a photo and asked me if I wanted to photograph his car in front of it. I said: well yes that would be fucking epic! He got in his car and centered just where I told him to. Boom. I got the shot.

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Selena The Series Mural at Wynwood
Selena The Series Mural at Wynwood

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Music to the ears

I was wrapping up a photo walk in Havana Cuba and we started heading to the car when all the sudden we saw this beautiful girl playing in the wind. She was actually filing a video and didn’t mind me snapping a few flicks of her. She looked so beautiful in the light with the wind blowing through her hair. I was spaceless…

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How to frame photos

In this video I walk you through how I frame pictures and what I think about during my time out on the field. This applies to any kind of photography. On this particular video I focus on Street Photography.

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Granma international

Rocking the streets of Cuba people are constantly coming up to you giving you things only so they can ask for money a second later. This guys was no different, he handed me a paper and I put my hand up to grab it, but slowly put my hand down only so I could take a picture. After taking 3 photos I took the paper and returned it to him. I got the shot.

Camera Settings:  1/320 F9 ISO 100

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