How to edit car photos

How to edit car photos:
Good morning peeps and happy Tuesday, here is a tutorial where I run you through how I edit my car photos to make them nice and shiny, its super ez and lots of fun. This is a photo of my VW, I have an obsession with the infamous VW GTI and really any VW for that matter. Anyhow check out the video and try it out on some of your photos, its super ez and lots of fun. Spread the love peeps…

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GTI After

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Make sure you watch it in HD.

Daily Photo-Skwnt




New peeps, abandoned stadiums, getting eaten alive by mosquito’s, marine police, hiding out, getting caught, shitti subs, Wynwood walk, small fences,¬† maniquins, street muralists, Facebook Legends, good laughs, abandoned trains, very small windows, loosing track of time, the drive home with a grin on your face as the sun sets behind you wondering whats inside that camera after 7 hrs of madness.

This is why I love photography, it has opened so many doors, so many laughs, so many new friends, new ideas, new places and new adventures. Photography has taken me places nothing else in this planet can ever get close to. This is why I do what I do, because I love it and it makes me free. Thank you Jaci for the craziness.