Stormy sky

It is rain season in Miami. That means the sky is dark, mysterious and perfect for photos. This photo takes me to the middle of the ocean, I feel like I am in a sail boat by my self, like a pirate trying to find land. I love the clouds and the colors of the image specially how the sunlight hits the boats.

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Bad weather makes great photos

Here is another example how bad weather makes great photos. This was shot about 10 minutes before a crazy storm came down. What is crazy about this is that only a couple of us were shooting, everyone else left to seek cover. I find that mind blowing specially when as a photographer our number one goal is to find epic conditions to shoot.

Remember bad weather makes for great photos. Do not run and hide, instead press that shutter.

Camera settings: 1/400 F8 ISO 320

This shot was hand held and it was really windy, by me raising my iso and shutter speed I was making sure I did NOT get a blurry picture. Check out the vlog below.

South Beach 50 of 84

Brewing The Perfect Storm

Here are some photos I shot yesterday from my Drone. There was a crazy black cloud blanketing Miami, it looked like the sky was going to fall down. I was actually driving to an appointment and remembered that I had my drone in my car. I found a place to pull over and fly, unfortunately it did not last long, it started pouring about 3 minutes later.

I still managed to get a couple decent shots. Hurricane season is the best time to shoot in Florida, the weather is just insane and the clouds look really cool.




Storm at the Everglades

Storm at the Everglades;
Happy Sunday peeps, what are you doing today? Me? Im just relaxing I have had a crazy week/weekend full of activities. I have family visiting and we are going crazy touring everything South Florida has to offer. Here is a photo of the Everglades, I shot this yesterday right before getting drenched by a crazy storm that didn’t stop until this morning. It was awesome… Check out the before and after.

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