Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center

It’s Friday!!!! What an insane week I have had, started off with the amazing Miami Beach Photography Club (organized and created by yours truly) and ended up at the Kennedy Space Center in Orlando Florida. OMG what an amazing week and series of events. Where do I even begin???? I suppose I will post photos and tell you about it photo by photo, for now here is this one.

The Atlantis at Kennedy Space Center, I mean WOW. How can I descrive to you what this thing looks like? I really can’t, anything I say will not do it justice. I have been wanting to see this for a very long time and I finally got to see it inches from my face. What an unbelievable experience. If you are reading this, you absolutely have to put this on your bucket list. When I first saw it I got tears on my eyes, this thing is an amazing human accomplishment and for it to be open to the public for everyone to admire you have to take full advantage of it. I spent about 3 hrs admiring this thing letting my imagination take me away, it is so incredible that I am going back in the near future to check it out again, thats how cool this is.

A big massive thank you to the Kennedy Space Center for putting this up for the world to see. One of the most amazing things I have ever seen.

I have so many trips infront of me, so many more memories to make, smiles over ice-cream and some crazy road trips ahead. Here is whats coming in the next couple months in chronological order: West-coast: Reno NV, SF for Outside Lands, Black Rock City for Burning Man, come back to Miami chill out for a week or so and head out to the East Coast to Boston, catch a plane to Iceland and kik it with my crazy friend in a van driving around looking for the Northern Lights. Shortly after I head down to Ecuador, I might squeeze more trips in-between but for now thats whats on the books. I will keep you posted. If you are going to be at any of those places and want to hook up for a beer, shoot me a message. Life is short peeps get busy!!! Click on pic to enlarge. (more photos coming soon)

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