Street Portraits

This is one of my favorite street portraits I have ever taken in my life. I shot this at Outside Lands a music festival in San Francisco California. Well I was sitting there waiting for a band to come onstage, I pulled out my camera and started taking pictures of people, when I turned around this couple was hanging out and it happened so fast but he went in for a kiss, that’s when I picked up my camera and snapped this photo. It’s so in the moment and the timing could not be more perfect. I love the story the photo tells.

Camera settings:
1/800 sec F4.5 ISO 1000


San Francisco Broadway Tunnel

San Francisco Broadway Tunnel. One of the most famous tunnels in the world, lots of car commercials get filmed here and when you drive throughout it you know why. Its awesome!!!

This was the last shot of the night, it was 1 in the morning and I was beat, but I couldn’t stop clicking, I was on my way to my hotel to catch a 5 am flight, craziness I know. This is actually my favorite shot of the entire trip driving up the coast from LA to SF.

Camera Settings: 1/25 Sec, F2.8 ISO 125 14-25mm Lens Have you ever been?

Broadway Tunnel

30 days of street photography day 24

30 days of street photography day 24

I love San Fran, I mean how can you not, it is an amazingly beautiful city and in my opinion it starts with the people. Such a diverse culture. I shot this down town somewhere, this guy was just walking around and as soon as I pointed the camera at him he gave me the biggest smile and the peace and love sign… Spread the love people…


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Outside Lands Festival

Outside Lands 2012, what an amazing show, I got to see so many of my favorite musicians of all times with some of my best friends. This trip was crazy, I flew to San Francisco just for this. I really wanted to see Metallica, Stevie Wonder and really everyone else there. I brought all my gear as always, but inside I had to make a choice, do I want to watch the show and fully sumerge my self into the music or do I want to photograph some of my favorite musicians of all times? The choice was easy. I would of love to capture all this rock stars on stage, but instead every time someone came to the stage I put my camera away, I wanted to enjoy this to the fullest and that I did. The only photos I really took was of my friends and of the people walking around in between stages going to see their favorite bands. Sometimes the moments are left to be captured by someone else and for me to simply enjoy with out having to think about anything at all… Spread the love peeps and Happy Friday…

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Outside Lands 2012

The Golden Gate Bridge

One of the most iconic bridges in the world, The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco California. I have shot this bridge so many times and I can’t get enough, it is truly a master piece. Every time I am in SF I make time to go detox on top of this hill and enjoy this work of art. This photos were shot the same night around 1am on my most recent trip to the WestCoast. These are long exposures around 200 seconds each. It was freezing that night, the only thing that made everything warmer was the view of course, the company, my camera, and a beer in hand. Happy Sunday peeps. Spread the love. . .

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