The best place to shoot the Old bridge in Key West

Here is a pic of the Old Bridge in Key West Florida. I planned this shot around the sun. I wanted to get the sun setting right in the middle of the bridge. The time to shoot it is December, its the only time you can get this exact shot.

I used a 70-200mm lens zoomed in at 200mm

Camera settings: 1/125 F13 ISO 100 Remember that if you want to make the sun bigger you need to shoot it at 300mm + (I recommend a 600mm) if you have it.

Old Bridge Sunset 53 of 95

Location: Bahia Honda State Park

7 mile bridge from a drone

I shot these from my drone on my last trip to Key West. This is the 7 mile bridge, one of my favorite places to fly a drone from.

I come here often and every time I do I bring my drone. I can go on and on about shooting with a drone, but instead I have made a video about it I also explain how I get the water to look the way it does. Scroll to the bottom of this post and check out the video.

key-west-aerial-45-of-210 key-west-aerial-59-of-210 key-west-aerial-64-of-210 key-west-aerial-76-of-210 key-west-aerial-118-of-210 key-west-aerial-124-of-210 key-west-aerial-142-of-210 key-west-aerial-156-of-210 key-west-aerial-172-of-210 key-west-aerial-184-of-210 key-west-aerial-191-of-210

Here is a video I did on how I shot all these.

7 Mile Bridge

7 Mile Bridge:
Good morning peeps and happy Friday, your’re on the home stretch hang in there… Here is a photo of the 7 Mile Bridge in Key West, I was on my bike and stopped here to rock out the sunset and shoot the stars at night, it was magical to say the least.

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7 Mile bridge key west

Here is the sun setting right after I pulled up…


Daily Photo-The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

The Old Bridge

This is one of my favorite photos, I took this picture this summer while driving back through the Florida Keys. The clouds decided to align just right for the shot, it couldn’t of came out any better. This bridge is no longer in function and its amazing how it’s still standing with out any kind of maintenance.