Calm Waters

As I sat and watch the sunset, I couldn’t help my self to pick up my camera and shoot away. I shot this right behind my house. I am so blessed to live in such a beautiful place.

Skyline 3 of 125

Sail Boat from the sky

Yesterdays post was about perspective, this one is no different. I shot this with a DJI Phantom 3 and as you can see this boat looks completely different then it would as if I shot it form the ground. I added the parking lot to break up the photo a bit and give your eyes a place to wonder to, but if you look at the image you can see that your eyes always come back tot the sail boat.  I shot it from the sky looking down, but I made sure to be off center to use the lines to invite the viewer into the image.


Amazing sunsets in Miami

The reason I live in Miami is because of the weather. It is always beautiful here. Sure we get some rainy days but hey 90% of the time is sunny, warm and beautiful. I think this picture translates that very well. I wanted to get the boat cruising by in motion to create a sense of movement in the photo, while the sail ship in the back is perfectly still surrounded by birds.

Camera settings:
125 second F20 ISO 100