Miami Thunderstorm

Miami Thunderstorm. Photography is all about light, and this particular shot is just epic. I love shooting around the port of Miami as you have endless ways to create beautiful compositions.

About the photo: I shot this from the MacArthur Bridge in Miami. You can literally sit up there and get so many different kinds of shots as you have 360-degree views of the city. From the beach to the Miami skyline and beyond.

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Miami Thunderstorm

Miami Thunderstorm, Miami Thunder, thunderstorm in Miami

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Stormy sky

It is rain season in Miami. That means the sky is dark, mysterious and perfect for photos. This photo takes me to the middle of the ocean, I feel like I am in a sail boat by my self, like a pirate trying to find land. I love the clouds and the colors of the image specially how the sunlight hits the boats.

Miami 6 of 18

Brewing The Perfect Storm

Here are some photos I shot yesterday from my Drone. There was a crazy black cloud blanketing Miami, it looked like the sky was going to fall down. I was actually driving to an appointment and remembered that I had my drone in my car. I found a place to pull over and fly, unfortunately it did not last long, it started pouring about 3 minutes later.

I still managed to get a couple decent shots. Hurricane season is the best time to shoot in Florida, the weather is just insane and the clouds look really cool.




Miami Beach on a dark rainy day

I shot this pictures on a crazy weird but beautiful morning in Miami Beach. It was dark and gloomy out but yet beautiful. The sunrise it self was incredible and everything came together just right. I kept seeing great compositions as I kept walking, I was trigger happy to say the least. You know when you are having such a good shoot that you just can’t stop? That was me on this glorious morning.