Daytime Long Exposures of Brickell Key

Rise and shine world. Woke up at 3 am watched some Netflix, got up at 5 and shot the sunrise, went to Brickell Key and got kicked out by security, did not leave, got kicked out again, didn’t listen, the cops came, they tried to kick me out and I didn’t listen after going back and forth, we finally agreed I could shoot from the sidewalk, stuck around a bit longer. Got home at 2 pm with some good stuff. Thats how my day went yesterday. Why do cops and security guards constantly harass photographers? You know they look at all this cool flicks on line when they are surfing the web. Chill out guys were just taking pictures. Quit being so so lame…

I forgot to mention I crashed my drone at some point. The drone is ok, just some grass marks…

I shot these with a 10 stop ND filter. Check out this post where I go into detail on how I shoot all these.