Best affiliate programs for photographers

In this post, I am going to break down the best Affiliate Programs for photographers. These are the ones that convert the best and generate regular sales for me.

As a freelance photographer, making money from affiliate programs is just as important as all the other work I do. When work gets slow it’s always nice to have some passive income coming in from affiliate sales.

In the list below I have put together the best affiliate programs for photographers.

Affiliate programs for photographers

I have been fortunate enough to have developed some of the best Lightroom Presets out there and with over 40,000 units sold and counting, it’s easy to see why this is a winner. Not only that but I pay 50% commission. My sales pages are set up to sell, with built-in funnels up-sales and shopping cart abandonment tools, so our conversion rate is very high.

1. Ultimate Lightroom Preset Collection  50% Commission 90-day cookie.

2. Lightroom Real Estate Preset System 50% Commission 90-day cookie.

I am one of Skylums ambassadors and not only do I love their software, but it’s nice making money from sales on a monthly basis.

3. Skylum Software 20% Commission 90-day cookie.

Share A Sale is one of my favorite platforms to share links. They have a ton of products for photographers that you can choose from. I get regular commissions from them.

4. Share a Sale  Commissions depend on what programs you choose. There are a lot to pick from. They have all kinds of programs from masterclass tutorials to Creative Live school for creators to Smugmug.

These are the best affiliate programs for photographers. I will update the list as I find more great paying affiliates.

There are a lot out there, but these actually convert and pay really well. If you have a nice email list, Facebook group, blog, or good social presence. Any of these will generate you great cash on a monthly basis.

 best Affiliate Programs for photographers


8 Tips and Tricks to improve your Real Estate Photography

Real estate photography is a great way to make money on any market. However, a lot of photographers start out without knowing much about how to take great real estate photos. It is not the hardest thing in the world, however, it does require technical ability and an eye for the craft. 

In this video, I share my most used techniques when it comes to Real Estate Photography. Real Estate Photography can be lots of fun and a great way to make a living money. 

The Gear You Need

Here is the gear I recommend to get the best possible Real Estate Photos. You need a Full Frame Camera, a Wide Angle Lens, a Speed Light, a good Tripod. Keep in mind that most realtors will ask you for a full frame camera and a wide angle lens. I shot with the Nikon D800 and the Nikon 14-24mm to edit your images I recommend the best Real Estate Lightroom Presets out there. 

Here are my favorite ways to take Real Estate Photos to a new level.

1.  Use a tripod. It’s important to bring a tripod to your next shoot. A lot of homes can be very dark and by having a tripod it will guarantee a clean sharp image every time. 

2.  Use a flash. Having an on/off camera flash is a nice way to light up a room. This can help set the mood of a room by splashing a little light in a dark corner or a shadow.

3.  Move around. Do not stand in one place. Move around and find the best possible angle to get the best possible shot. 

4.  Use a wide-angle lens. Rooms are often small, a wide angle lens can create the feel of a big space. 

5.  Take your time. Do not rush the shots. Make sure you think about the composition and get the best possible shot. 

6.  Edit your photos. Once you have a nice collection of images, take them to a computer and edit them. I recommend Adobe Lightroom.  

7.  Use Lightroom Presets.  This speeds up your workflow and gets a consistent look on your images every time.  I recommend my Real Estate Lightroom Presets.

8.  Batch edit your images. This will speed up your process and guarantee a speedy delivery to the client.  

Check out the video for photo examples. 

Tips and tricks to improve your real estate photgraphy


The gear I use for all my photos: Nikon D800 with a Nikon 14-24mm a Nikon 24-85mm a Nikon 70-200 and a Tamron 150-600mm.  A MeFOTO tripod is a must. I edit all my images with my Real Estate Lightroom Presets download them now. 

Tips and Tricks to improve your Real Estate Photography

Remember to have fun out there, and always please the client. If you have any other tips you would like to add, leave them in the comments below.