Port of Miami

I love coming to this particular spot, however I always get kicked out by the police. Not this time, I actually showed up and had all the time in the world to shoot, it was perfect. I did a few different locations and I am supper happy with the results, specially since it had been raining all day and had finally stopped by the time I got there.

The photography gods where with me this particular night.

Check out the behind the scenes vid below:

Miami Port Bridge 24 of 41 1

Miami Port Bridge 27 of 41 2

Miami Port Bridge 33 of 41 3


Here is another ship from my collection. Lately there have been lots of new ships coming into port, not sure if its high season for cruising, but whatever the reason is I really like it. This is the Regent, I shot it the other day right before sunset.

Regent cruise ship at the port of miami


All Aboard

Here is another cool shot of the Carnival Splendor leaving the port of Miami. It was making a U turn on the bay, it is so crazy to see, just picture an elephant taking a bath in your bathtub.