Miami after hours

I went out shooting downtown Miami the other night and the weather was perfect. It was so nice out it made shooting really easy. We walked up and down the river trying to catch some nice cityscapes. I think I managed to get this 2 shots. I want to go back and get some different angles, this is a tricky part of the city to shoot since you can’t really see the sunset from there.

Check out the vid to see what happened behind the scenes.

Port of Miami

I love coming to this particular spot, however I always get kicked out by the police. Not this time, I actually showed up and had all the time in the world to shoot, it was perfect. I did a few different locations and I am supper happy with the results, specially since it had been raining all day and had finally stopped by the time I got there.

The photography gods where with me this particular night.

Check out the behind the scenes vid below:


I shot this last night at Bayside in Miami. I wanted to get the sunset, however there were no colors in the sky during sunset. I had to wait for blue hour and thats when this image came to life. Check out the video for the behind the scenes.

13 Second F18 ISO 100

Forever Changing Skyline

Here is the skyline that never stops growing. I moved here 7 years ago and the buildings are like trees. They keep growing and growing. I can’t help but wonder where all these people are coming from…. I heart Miami.