Miami Beach iconic lifeguard towers

Miami Beach iconic lifeguard towers:

Good morning people, I have been working on this new series what seems for ever. I started this project a few months ago. I wanted to capture every lifeguard tower in Miami Beach in a different sunrise. At the beginning of the project I thought that this was going to be an easy task, let me tell you, it was anything but easy.

From the beginning of the project I wanted to capture cool sunrises with all this cool lifeguard towers, well very quickly I realized that the sunrise had to match the tower, making things a bit more complicated. Like everything I do I became a bit obsessed with this. I had to change my sleeping habits because I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any sunrises until this project was completed. This took me a few months and I missed very few sunrises. (I can count them in one hand)

I started on 1st street and worked my way to 21st, some days the sunrises were not even worth photographing so I just sat there and enjoyed them, but that wasn’t my only problem, very quickly I realized the people where going to be a massive issue. It turns out people are attracted to things, they don’t like to just pick a spot in the sand and sit there, then need a cozy place, in observing people coming to the beach to watch the sunrise, 100% of them would congregate around this lifeguard towers not caring about me and my camera even though I was super close to it and impossible to ignore.

Tourists were not the only issue, homeless people crashing out at this places or underneath them where a bit of an issue also, lots of the time they would get up to use the bathroom (the sand) in the middle of my shot. No problem, I finally completed this and have hundreds of photos of this towers.

This is the coolest project I have completed to date. I have such a personal connection to this not only because I love this place but because I truly feel the sun to be something spiritual, and watching it rise for so many days in a row, well it was something really special. I got to see some amazing sunrises, met some amazing people, observed human behavior and learned a lot from it all.

Here is my final project, I hope you like the photos. (I have lots of different ones from this same locations that I will publish later, I feel this are the best ones) Here they are in order from 1st street to 21st street coming to you from Miami Beach Florida.

















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