Photos of Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma is here. I have been hiding indoors for 6 hours. The storm is so crazy insane, the entire state of Florida is stuck in a wind tunnel. There is a lot of damage from what I can see in through the balcony. The entire building is shaking all you hear is the roar of mother nature. Cranes are falling down streets are flooded, mass chaos and destruction is happening as I write this post. Here are some images and some footage of the early stages of Hurricane Irma.

Mother nature always wins.

I shot this photos with my Nikon D800 and my favorite lens ever Nikon 24-85mm.

Irma 6 of 90 8

Irma 15 of 90 7

Irma 21 of 90 6

Irma 31 of 90 5

Irma 38 of 90 4

Irma 61 of 90 3

Irma 66 of 90 2

Irma 83 of 90 1

IRMA 198 of 257

IRMA 206 of 257

IRMA 218 of 257

IRMA 251 of 257