Sail Boat from the sky

Yesterdays post was about perspective, this one is no different. I shot this with a DJI Phantom 3 and as you can see this boat looks completely different then it would as if I shot it form the ground. I added the parking lot to break up the photo a bit and give your eyes a place to wonder to, but if you look at the image you can see that your eyes always come back tot the sail boat.  I shot it from the sky looking down, but I made sure to be off center to use the lines to invite the viewer into the image.


How to edit a sunrise in Lightroom 5

How to edit a sunrise in Lightroom 5

In this video I’ll show you how to edit a sunrise photo in Lightroom 5. How many times have you been out there shooting and the light, the colors, are not what you expected? I would say this happens to me more often than not. In this post I show you how to save those photos and bring out the koolness in them. All the kool colors that the eye cant see and tint them to make them look dramatic and of course invite the viewer into the photograph.

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Kite Photography

Good Monday peeps, I am packing to go on a 15 day trip to San Diego and driving up the coast to Burning man. I wanted to leave you with my latest. I recently started tinkering with Kite photography and I love it. It is so crazy and so much fun. This is my third successful photo shoot with a kite, from a kite at 500 feet up. This is after many failures and a very expensive camera dropping from the air breaking. If you look close you can see me holding the line in some of this. I will be doing lots of this on my trip so stay tunned for some crazy arial photos… Ill see you in the West Coast… Spread the love peeps…

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Shot of the Day-Man in Blue

This is Barcelona Spain late at night in La Rambla, the guy you see there in blue is actually the gate keeper, he was waiting to close the gates there at the end. This place is really cool, you can get easily lost in the city laid out like a maze. I was actually on my way home when I shot this, what caused me to stop was the man in blue, after shooting this I waited to see what he was doing, about 15 minutes later he walked up to the gates and locked them up and took off.

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The Man In Blue