DJI Mavic first flight sample photos and video

Shortly after getting my DJI Mavic Pro I had to make this video. Let me be honest, the machine is amazing, it fly’s really good and it is super easy. The camera however is not so good. The video is good but, as a photographer looking at the still images I am not super impressed. Yes it will do the job and do a good job at that, however it is by no means a great camera.

As of today I am still flying the Mavic and I really like the size of it. I shoot all of my video for my Vlog with it and I will continue to use it. Check out the YouTube vid and the sample images below.

Marine Stadium Aerial 26 of 39

Marine Stadium Aerial 30 of 39

Marine Stadium Aerial 38 of 39

Mavic 3 of 35

Mavic 10 of 16

Mavic 18 of 35

Mavic 22 of 35

Mavic Night 38 of 43

Miami Downtown 77 of 92

MiamiAerial 38 of 103

Monument island 22 of 35

South Pointe 43 of 78

Sunset 102 of 134

MiamiAerial 21 of 103