Looking for Patterns

I often post this kind of photos, for some reason I find them extremely pleasing to the eye. I have been shooting this kind of photos since my kite days. I do it now for helicopters and drones. One thing about this kind of photography, it never gets old.

Natural Patterns

I love patterns and this image is no different. Patterns come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. There are men made patterns, and natural patterns. Natural patterns being my favorite. Think about it, this same exact pattern will never form again for the rest of time. Something to think about.



I love patterns, specially these type of patters. I shot this with my drone shortly after sunrise. Its crazy to me how everything looks from the sky, its almost like a board game. Things take different shapes and tell different stories, its quite amazing how this all takes different shapes and forms the higher you go.

I shot this on the beach at the W in Miami beach, I love the contrast of the pink against the sand.