SF after Dark

Here is a photo I shot in San Fransisco. It was cold and getting down to the bottom of this bridge was quite the mission. It was very steep and when you have no idea where you are going it can be quite scary and well more difficult. We were hoping for a good sunset, but that did not happen, so we waited till the sun fully set and got some good night shots. If you want to learn how I shoot and create images like this check out my new tutorial series The Art of Landscape Photography.

Camera settings:
30 seconds F16 ISO 100


Shot of the Day-Hidden Bay Bridge

This is the Bay Bridge in San Francisco California. I took this photo about 2:30 in the morning, I was drained, burned out and completely over it, Keep in mind I had been shooting since 5am almost 24 continuos hrs. I did a set of about 15 photos from a different location, on the walk back to the car the photographer I was with says “ohh this is a good shot” I said lets go Im over it, then a burst of energy came upon me, so I jumped on top of this weird maintenance house and took this one photo.

We went back to the hotel and I never thought about it until I got home and loaded the photos in my comp. As it turns out this is my favorite one from the whole set. Thank you so much to this amazing photographer for pointing this out when all I wanted to do was go to sleep…

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Hidden Bay Bridge

Hidden Bay Bridge