Mexico during the pandemic

Mexico during the pandemic.  I arrived in Mexico on January 7th. I decided to go because things were just not good in the States. We had Trump and “stay home” on every form of media imaginable, from print to social media and everything in between.

I got so fed up with it, that I decide to just leave. I had no plan, no arrangements, and really I had no idea what I was about to do, I just wanted to leave.

When I arrived in Mexico, I realized I had made the right choice. I quickly got an oceanfront apartment, and every morning I would wake up to this. Talk about the right move!

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Mexico during the pandemic

Mexico during the pandemic

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My New Ride

Every time I walk by this amazing thing I cant help but think about how awesome it would be to have one. One day I will be sailing the open waters in one of this things…

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Surfs up

This is one of my favorite photos from my trip to California. I put up my drone and noticed this dude was going into the ocean, I waited started observing him as he kept getting deeper in to the madness. When the water was just right I clicked the shutter. It was perfect. I wonder who he is and how I can get this photo over to him…

La Jolla 58 of 106