Daily Photo-Top View

This is the top of Nevada Falls at Yosemite, its a crazy hike but the view is well worth it.  Distance:  7 miles (11 km) round trip to Nevada Fall. Elevation at trailhead:  4,000 feet (1,200 meters) Elevation Gain:  1,900 feet (580 meters) to top of Nevada Fall. Why Hike the Mist Trail?  This is Yosemite’s signature hike. While many of Yosemite’s trails are popular due to having a single spectacular destination, the Mist Trail has fabulous views scattered all along it, beginning at the bridge overlook, progressing to two unforgettable waterfalls that fall a combined total of more than 900 feet (270 meters), and ending with perhaps the most striking of all the Nevada Fall.  This is where I’m sitting taking in the view with my legs hanging over the edge a bit scary but amazing :)

Check out this post to see my hike up to the top.

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Top View

Top View