Long Exposure at the Everglades

I had a workshop out at the Everglades on Saturday and it was so much fun. It was the first time I use an 10 stop ND filter out there. We stayed in this particular spot for about 2 hours and this was my favorite shot of the day. It was shot at 81 seconds F22 and ISO 31 (the lowest the Nikon 810 goes) and I managed to capture the clouds just right. I love the way they create a notion of movement, making the photo three dimensional.

I also used the walkway as my leading lines to invite the viewer into the photo creating a this dreamy effect in the horizon.


Beautiful Light at the Everglades

On the outskirts of the Everglades, the sun was starting to set, laying down beautiful light passing through the trees making them so vibrant they seemed almost fake. As I was driving thought I stopped at the perfect spot to catch this beautiful rays of light.

The Everglades is such a magical place, every time I’m out there I just can’t get enough. The animals, the landscapes, the silence, its all beautiful and for sure one of my favorite places to spend a day….