My Private Island

Ok, not really, this is actually Monument Island located in the Miami Bay. I actually ride my paddle board here and it feels like a private island. Usually filled with boaters from all over Miami and the random paddle border that is looking to get away. I love this place it is quite cool because it is inaccessible by land. I used my Dji Lightroom Presets to edit these photos and a Mavic Pro to shoot them.

This place never gets old

I shoot here often, it is very convenient being that is right behind my house and also it a beautiful spot to shoot from. I mean you have the Miami skyline, the bay, and all this awesome little boats, it almost feels like a movie.

I walk here every morning when I take chula out for a walk and I have learned to carry my camera. The views are always spectacular and the light always looks good, specially right after sunrise when you have that morning golden glow.

You can see the exact spot on my Miami top ten list.

Camera settings: 1/80 SEC f10 ISO 100

Monument Island Part 2

Yesterday I posted a photo of Monument island where you could see part of downtown. In the post I mentioned how I had shot the island earlier and you could not see anything at all.

This is what I was talking about. I particularly like how the monument is being lit up. I had to wait until the light was just right.

Settings: 1/100 F14 ISO 100

Monument Island

I woke up bright and early to shoot the blanket of fog covering the Miami Skyline. It was so thick you could not see anything. Once the sun came up a bit it light up Monument Island perfectly. That’s what you see here. The white monument is in a man made island called Monument Island. What you see in the back are the buildings of Downtown Miami starting to show as the fog cleared up. I shot some earlier where you can not see anything at all. I will post soon.

Settings: 1/125 F16 ISO 100 shot at 200mm