Costa Rica Street Mini Series

Costa Rica Street Mini Series.
Here is a mini street series I did in Costa Rica while on the road. This trip wasn’t much of a photo trip per say it was mostly about hanging out with my boy and catch up since I had not seen him for four years, but I did manage to squeeze some photos in. This are some of my street shots.

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This guy was pulled over on his motorcycle, I started making noise wile I was looking through the view finder and when he looked I snapped a shot.

This dude was super cool, he approached me to sell me lottery tickets while my hommie was getting redbulls and beer, the conversation shifted and we started talking about work, while he was going on a rant I snapped away, super cool cat.

This guy was in line on a ferry, we were on our way out, this girl was looking at him with a camera on her hand thinking about taking a photo, I said to her “that makes a great photo”, she said yes it does, so I graved my camera whistled and when he turned I snapped this flick.
Costa Rica Street Series