Miami Timelapse From the Beach to The City

This Miami Timelapse is short and fast. Miami, there is no other place in the world like it. They call it the magic city for a reason. Its full of life, full of energy, alive 24 hours a day. The weather is just right all year. We have a few months of extreme heat but the rest of the year is perfect. 

I have been photographing Miami for a long time. I also have lots of video and timelapse from Miami. Here is a short Miami timelapse I put together from some old clips I had in one of my hard drives. 

I cover Miami and Miami Beach in this Timelapse. I wanted to make it as energetic as Miami is. If you have ever been here, you know the energy has is something else. In this fast-paced city, there is no time to sleep. 

From the sunrise to the sunset to the streets, this 30-second clip gives you a glimpse of what Miami is all about.  I used a Nikon D810 to shoot most of this timelapse and I put it all together in Final Cut X.  

Miami Timelapse

I love shooting timelapse, its fun especially when you are at an epic location. Miami is one of those places, everywhere you look is a beautiful photograph. When shooting timelapse you always have time to sit back and enjoy the scenery. 

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