When everything comes together

Ansel Adams once said “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment.” I could not agree more with this quote. It is only when all the elements come together and you happened to be there that the magic will happen.

For me, that was yesterday. It all happened so fast, but when it was all said and done, it was perfect. Top that off by an awesome circle of friends to share that moment with, and you have the perfect recipe for awesomeness.

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Miami after hours

I went out shooting downtown Miami the other night and the weather was perfect. It was so nice out it made shooting really easy. We walked up and down the river trying to catch some nice cityscapes. I think I managed to get this 2 shots. I want to go back and get some different angles, this is a tricky part of the city to shoot since you can’t really see the sunset from there.

Check out the vid to see what happened behind the scenes.

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Fragata Livertad Argentina

I went out last night to shoot this insane sail ship. It is called the Fragata Libertad and it is from Argentina.

I was so happy when the sky dressed up in pink, not only that but it lasted for ever… This ship looks very close to the BAP UNION Peruvian Naval Ship. You can see those pics here: http://blog.edinchavez.com/bap-union-night-pictures/ and here

Check out the vid to watch the behind the scenes. (I did not get close to the ship this time and I thought it was the BAP Union) They look really close to the same.

20 Sec F22 ISO 100

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I shot this particular image with my Drone the other evening during a really cool sunset here in Miami Beach. The colors are very calm and soothing. I was with my parents and Chula (my dog) making this day that much more meaningful.

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