Sunrise Blues

Even time I watch the sunrise its like being re-born again. It is a reminder that the day ahead of us is full of opportunity and we must cease on that. I always try to make the best out of every single day of my life, from work to family to friends. I think I have found a balance but I keep my photography as my start of the day. I also wrap up the day by shooting a sunset.


Kissed by the sun

Rise and shine, today is the best day ever!!! I woke up at 4am to track Mathews but it is still very peaceful here in Miami. I went to the beach and it was completely empty (even after the sun came up), there is a mild wind carrying an eerie energy with it. There are city workers cleaning up the beach preparing for Mathews, who knows what is going to happen. Here is what I saw, I felt I was being kissed by the sun. This was shot on Oct 5th before hurricane Mathew…


Here is a video of the edit:

Miami Beach Sunrise Meet Up

Miami Beach Sunrise Meet Up

Here are a few photos from the recent Miami Sunrise Meet Up I hosted before my crazy trip to the West coast. The conditions were not perfect when I first got there, the sky was clear and the scenery look kind of flat, suddenly the clouds started rolling in and the sun stared to rise making this a beautiful Miami Sunrise. I’ll be hosting another sunrise meet up on the beach so stay tuned…