Sunrise with Friends

One of the best things about photography is sharing the special moment with my friends. This morning was no different, my friends and I decided to go out Saturday morning and shoot the sunrise at this particular spot.

Unlike the west coast, we do not have any cliffs or rocks or anything in the water, our landscapes are really plain. Plain is not bad it is beautiful in its own right, however, it can get boring at times.

This particular spot has this concrete pillars sticking out of the water, and that makes for some awesome compositions. That is the reason why we like this spot so much. There are not many like this in Miami.

Check out the video for bts footage.

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My secret spot

I love this place, it is a small piece of paradise in paradise. This particular morning was jut epic. I do not thing words do it justice. Check out the video so you can see how amazing the sunrise was this morning. Drop me a line I’d love to hear from you.

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Shooting the Equinox

The Equinox happens every year twice a year. I have to shoot it every time. This opens up lots of opportunities and lots of great shots from different locations. This year I went back to Deering Estate, I held a meet up there and finally caught a really good sunrise. I have shot this location many times but never had a crazy sky like this time. I am extremely happy with this shot and I am putting this location on hold for a while.

Camera settings: 1/5 seconds F18 ISO 100

Deering Estate Sunrise 80 of 147 2

Deering Estate Sunrise 4 of 147 1


Shooting the Equinox

I love any excuse to go shoot, and the equinox is a perfect one. I shot this at Deering Estate in Miami Florida, I have been here many times but this particular day was perfect. The weather was finally with me. There were clouds, cool people, and well it was just epic, check out the video.

Camera settings: 125 sec F18 ISO 100

Deering Estate Sunrise 80 of 147

Epic moments

Its crazy how many sunrises I shoot per year, almost all of them. Sadly they are not all photogenic, in fact its quite the opposite. Most of the time I end up sitting on the beach watching it and not photographing it. Its not a bad thing, but as a photographer I wish they were all epic.

This particular morning looked clear and not so colorful, when all of the sudden the stars aligned and this happened. It was an epic moment to say the least.

Camera settings: 3 seconds f22 ISO 100

Ball Harbor Sunrise 26 of 81