Miami skyline at night

Miami skyline at night. The ever-changing Miami skyline faces the east coast, making it a perfect spot to take beautiful images against the often epic Miami sunsets.

I think the Miami skyline is one of the prettiest skylines in the country and possibly the world. It is so colorful and it can be shot from so many different places. I have been shooting it for 13 years and I never get tired of it. In fact every year or so we get a new beautiful building that makes for endless photo ops.

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Miami skyline at night

Miami skyline at night

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Shooting the Miami Skyline

Just like any other night, yesterday I grabbed my camera and headed out the door. I was so happy to go skate around and also to catch a nice sunset. The night before the sunset was epic, full of color, it looked like a crayon box had melted in the sky.

I met up with my friend Luis Enrique, and the night did not disappoint. It was not colorful like the previous night, however, it was nice and moody, the wind was blowing giving the night a really cool mood. It felt like I was walking through an amusement park at night.

I also got to fly my Mavic Pro so the evening was just epic. Check out the video to watch behind the scenes. I shot this with my Nikon D800 and my Nikon 70-200 lens. (this lens is super sharp) I shot all this on my baby tripod, I love this thing, I’m telling you it comes in handy without having to carry around a big heavy one.

You can see this exact location on my Top 10 Places to Photograph in Miami Beach article.

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Miami Skyline 11 of 41

Miami After Dark

Here is a photo of Miami I shot the other night. I was a bit gloomy and rainy but once the sun set and the lights came on it was a different ball game. This is one of Miamis best places to get a really good shot of the skyline.

You have a clear view of the city, and if it starts to rain, you have a bridge to go under. I love coming here to shoot, and just to hang out, its a good place to spend some time and clear your mind.

Check out the vid for the behind the senses. There is also a detailed map if you are from out of town trying to get some cool Miami skyline pics.

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Port of Miami

I love coming to this particular spot, however I always get kicked out by the police. Not this time, I actually showed up and had all the time in the world to shoot, it was perfect. I did a few different locations and I am supper happy with the results, specially since it had been raining all day and had finally stopped by the time I got there.

The photography gods where with me this particular night.

Check out the behind the scenes vid below:

Miami Port Bridge 24 of 41 1

Miami Port Bridge 27 of 41 2

Miami Port Bridge 33 of 41 3

Forever Changing Skyline

Here is the skyline that never stops growing. I moved here 7 years ago and the buildings are like trees. They keep growing and growing. I can’t help but wonder where all these people are coming from…. I heart Miami.

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