Miami after hours

I went out shooting downtown Miami the other night and the weather was perfect. It was so nice out it made shooting really easy. We walked up and down the river trying to catch some nice cityscapes. I think I managed to get this 2 shots. I want to go back and get some different angles, this is a tricky part of the city to shoot since you can’t really see the sunset from there.

Check out the vid to see what happened behind the scenes.

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Miami River Rally

As if paddleboarding was not hard enough, paddleboarding through the Miami River can has its fair share of challenges.

This is the Miami River Rally and it was a SUP race in the Miami River. In this video you can see how the dark waters, tug boats, ships, and just all around traffic can create a very challenging situation for these athletes.

It was also challenging to fly thought the river to get some of these shots. All in all it was a really fun day in the sun watching this guys rip up and down the murky waters of the Miami river.

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