Here is another ship from my collection. Lately there have been lots of new ships coming into port, not sure if its high season for cruising, but whatever the reason is I really like it. This is the Regent, I shot it the other day right before sunset.

Regent cruise ship at the port of miami


Miami Skyline Right Before Sunset

I really love the Miami skyline. I think is one of the most beautiful in the states, possibly even the world.

I love the action always happening on the bay, its like a casino during peek hours. There are boats in and out along with crew ships and there is something always going on.

I shot this right before sunset with a massive grin on my face…



Moon over Miami

This is a really cool photo. It was a sunrise, Miami looked erie, and quite gray, but the moon looked amazing. Lucky for me I had my 70-200mm lens. I quickly pulled it out and took a few shots of this awesome scene. I couldn’t believe how big the moon was, so I sat there and admired it for a while before I headed back home with a fat grin on my face. Once I got home, I really couldn’t believe what I had just witnessed, lucky for me I have a photo of it that always take me back to that day.

Camera settings: 1/100 f2.8 ISO 100 shot at 200mm

Moon Over Miami