Friends in High buildings


It pays off to have friends in high buildings. I ways bring my camera everywhere, specially when I know I might not get the chance to photograph something from that particular location again. When someone invites you over somewhere cool you would never have access to otherwise, you should always say yes!!! Here is why. These are views of the new Brickell City Centre and of course the beautiful Miami waters. How could you say no to this insane views.




Carnival Sensation

Here is an aerial video of the Carnival Sensation Cruise Ship sailing out to sea. The day was kind of gloomy but it made for some really good pictures. I shot this pictures the same day.









One more from Zulisa

Here is one more from Zulisa, I did this post a few days ago, but I just found this image going through the galleries. What can I say she is just amazing. I had such a great time with awesome people during this shoot. I love it when all I have to do is press the shutter.

Camera settings:
1/80 f4 ISO 100


Miami Beach Aerial Pictures

Here are some aerial photos from the weekend. I shot this on my DJI Phantom 3. I love this drone, it shoot well on low lighting situation and the images are nice and large. It has been windy here but I still managed a few good flights. I made a video to show you how you can get some great drone shots as well. Scroll to the bottom to watch. People often ask me what filters I use on my drone, here is a link to the kit I have.

miami-beach-sunset-290-of-319miami-beach-sunset-203-of-319 miami-beach-sunset-160-of-319 miami-beach-sunset-3-of-319