When do Miami Surfers come out

When do the surfers come out? This is a question I often get asked. The answer is when there are waves! Ok ok, so it is very easy to know when the waves are coming to Miami, all you have to do is watch the weather.

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When we have a cold front in Miami Beach the waves grow, and they get fairly big. This usually happens in December, January and Feb, but you must remember it is only when there are cold fronts, meaning a 10 degree drop.


Now please be warned, its usually really cold and windy when this happens, but it is well worth the shots. Loads of awesome people come out to the beach just to hang, you also see lots and lots of photographers all along the water as far as the eye can see.

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I’m always out there when this goes down, so look for me or shoot me a message, lets link up!

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This is where most of the surfers hangout.

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Miami Beach Surfers

Its sunrises like this one that creates awesome waves here in Miami Beach. I travel often and the conversation of where I live (or based out of) always comes up, when I say Miami Beach its almost always followed by: ohh you can’t surf there right? there is no waves?” I don’t mind the question as I am used to it and Miami is not known for surfing, so its a fair question.

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Miami Beach is super mellow when it comes to waves and by no means its the surfing capital of the world, that being said the surf scene here is quite big and we do get nice waves when the climate changes. Usually waves are small but definitively ridable and sometimes we get some really nice barrels, and guess what?? The water is really warm :)

I thought I would put this question to rest by going out there and shooting some surfers riding some waves here in Miami Beach. If you want to catch the nice waves, you have to wake up early and keep track of the weather. Don’t assume that all we do here is party like maniacs, I mean we do that too but we also love the water…

Here are some photos I shot of some dudes killing it out there, it was a great morning to say the least.

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If you are new to Miami Beach or just visiting and want to hang out with the surfers go to South Point and find this lifeguard tower, you can’t miss it, its usually surrounded by beautiful ladies with their surfboards and everyone there is super cool. If you spot me taking some flicks come say hi, and hey if there is no waves that day you can always go paddle boarding or get a mojito on Ocean Dr.

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