Motion Creates Emotion

Both of this photos are beautiful, however I always tell people that they have to wait for something to happen in order to bring emotion to the image. Here is a perfect example. The first image is a beautiful sunset, but when you add the human element it creates a better story, you can actually put your self in that palace making the image more powerful.

Camera settings: 1/160 F14 ISO 640 70-200mm at 135mm

Sunset 7 of 28

Sunset 25 of 28

Insane views from my new place

This was a major push over my decision to move to my new place. I am addicted to sunsets, and with sunsets like this every single night my decision was quite easy to make. I love my new place, this is my daily walk in the morning and in the afternoons. You can come to this walkway any time of the day and get some insane views. If you are visiting Miami come by I promise it wont disappoint, and hey maybe we will bump into each other :)

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Crazy Sky and Crazy Colors

Here is an insane sunset. I shot this form Miami Beach, from 5th street to be exact. I was hoping for a good sunset but instead I got a crazy one. The colors were insane, the sky was on fire and it just kept getting better and better. We had about 45 minutes of greatness, it was perfect.

Sometimes I’m lucky to get 2 minutes of color, and sometimes you get non stop action into the night.




Miami Beach Sunset Meetup

Miami Beach Sunset Meetup

Come join me Saturday February 21st at 5:30 pm for a sunset photography meet up.

The sun sets at 6:18 pm. We will meet at the South Pointe Pier by the entrance and walk along the water towards the Sunset to the Lighthouse on the West end of the park. There are clear views of the Miami Skyline from here. (Just West of Smith and Wollensky)

Everyone and anyone is welcome with any type of camera, I hope to see you there!!!! Drop me a line if you have any questions.


Meet Here

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