St. Petersburg Aerial Video

Here is some aerial footage from my weekends trip to St. Petersburg. I love going to the West Coast of Florida, there is something about it. It’s chill, and the vibe is so good.

It reminds me a bit California and I try to go as much as possible. It’s a short drive and an awesome adventure. It’s a mini vacation if you will.

I stayed on the beach, and when I woke up I wanted to fly the Mavic Pro, so I sat in front of my room, enjoyed the morning breeze, got flying and got some cool aerials.


Miami Drone Photos

The sky was on fire like a bomb went off in the distance. It was insane. Luckily I had my drone and I was able to get some really cool footage. I love days like this intense.  The cloud formations were just perfect. I shot all these photos with my Mavic Pro and edited them with my new DJI Lightroom Presets. For having such a small sensor, the camera on the Mavic Pro works great.

Miami sunsets are always epic. 

Here is a video giving you my top 10 drone photography tips. This is how I take all my drone images.

Miam drone photos

DJI Mavic first flight sample photos and video

Shortly after getting my DJI Mavic Pro I had to make this video. Let me be honest, the machine is amazing, it fly’s really good and it is super easy. The camera however is not so good. The video is good but, as a photographer looking at the still images I am not super impressed. Yes it will do the job and do a good job at that, however it is by no means a great camera.

As of today I am still flying the Mavic and I really like the size of it. I shoot all of my video for my Vlog with it and I will continue to use it. Check out the YouTube vid and the sample images below.

First Photo with the Mavic Pro

Here is one of the first pictures I took with the DJI Mavic, so far this drone is really good, the image quality is no the best but it is good. THe video I am very happy with, however the image quality could always be better, but when you see the size of this thing you can understand that is is not going to be the best. The entire thing is tiny. I will do a post with sample images for you too view in the next couple days.