Life happens so fast here is to life and death

Here is a short poem I wrote in a hotel room a few weeks ago. I paired it up with this photo of the temple burning out at Burning Man a few weeks back. Actually this was born from looking at this photo while putting some words together…

Everything goes up in flames
the good the bad and even the strange days
the heart breaks and the tears
even your biggest fears

You don’t have to worry
this is all too temporary
just keep walking slowly
towards the mortuary


Shot of the Day-Rise and Shine in SoBe

Happy Friday peeps, whats on your agenda for the weekend? Lots of photography for me and a Jane’s Addiction concert. Should be lots of fun :)

I took this photo last Sunday while laying on the sand. I must say the best thing about living in Miami Beach are the Sunrises and the Sunsets, everything in-between is just a bonus (im a sucker for the sun and the ocean). I shot this with a 14-24mm lens. I will have a full write up on it in the next few days so stay tunned peeps.

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Rise and Shine In Sobe

Rise and Shine in Sobe