New Lifeguard towers in Miami Beach

I love the lifeguard towers in Miami Beach, they are so unique and cool, far from boring that is for sure. I did an entire series on them that took me 2 years to complete. You can see it in my website and in hotels across Miami Beach.

These are the new lifeguard towers, they are replacing all the existing ones, and these ones are just as cool. Im not sure where they are putting them, but I will be sure to keep you posted and to take some pics of all the new ones once they are on the beach at their new home.




Shot of the Day-Life Tower

I have been out of town for the past few weeks thats why I have been a bit quiet (even thought I am always available on Facebook and Twitter no matter where I’m at). I was in the West Coast and I have new material that I will be posting shortly. For now here is a photo of my back yard. Its good to be home in warm weather. This is a life tower in South Pointe Park in Miami Beach.

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Life Tower

Life Tower

Shot Of The Day-Any Given Day

This is South Pointe Park in Miami Beach Florida. I come here every day to watch the suset and simply enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you ever make it to South Beach, South Pointe park should be on your must visit places.

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Any Given Day

Any Given Day