Liberty Formations

I shot this at the Reno Balloon Races a few years back during sunrise. I wanted to get the formation of the planes and the liberty balloon in the same frame. It all happened so fast but I did manage to get it.

I felt it told a better story by getting both in the same shot. The planes are the US Air force and the balloon says liberty, all in flight. Like a bird in the sky dancing freely among the clouds.


Lady Liberty

I am currently packing to head out to lead my NYC Photography Workshop, I am scheduling a couple posts because I will be so busy in NYC I probably wont have time to do anything except take pictures. Hey nothing wrong with that. By the time I get back this will just be posting.

I shot this las January on a very, very cold day. It was awesome because I was with some great friends and have some really nice memories. I remember we were walking all day and it did not end here, we still managed to cross the Brooklyn bridge after. Let me just say everyone was hungry, cold and ready for bed after. (I can’t believe its almost been a year already)

This is the statue of Liberty in NYC. I shot it with a 70-200 Here are my settings:

1/160 F18 ISO 100